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REVITA is the most experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning service in the North East.  After 45 years we can confidently say that we know what we are talking about!

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Which is the best carpet cleaning method?



Our experience and professionalism is displayed in all facets of our business.

From the way all of our technicians are fully trained. Furthermore with a wealth of experience and knowledge relative to our business.

To how our customer satisfaction rates are the highest in the North East.



We are the only company in the North East to offer you ‘Ecosteam’. Our ‘Ecosteam’ system is 20x more powerful than any portable machine, used by our competitors, hooked up to your domestic energy supply.

There are three significant advantages to using our ‘Ecosteam’ system:-

    1. We generate power in our van. This gives us the ability to heat the water up to 110ºC and keep it at a constant temperature throughout the cleaning process. The difference between cleaning with steam of 110ºC and water – approximately 40ºC – is dramatic, and is clearly visible through our results.
    2. Powerful suction. A significant benefit of our ‘Ecosteam’ system is its hugely powerful suction. This removes steam and soils from your carpet and deposits them in a recovery tank within the van. This strong suction gives us a super fast drying time.
    3. No harmful chemicals. As our ‘Ecosteam’ machines are so powerful, there is little need for us to use harmful cleaning agents. Fast drying times and careful use of cleaning agents means that our services are ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

    Why not give Ecosteam a try? We can guarantee our service is superior to any other carpet cleaning company around.