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Carpetguard, is it worth it?


Carpetguard, has often been sold misleadingly as “bulletproof”.  Carpetguard, works as a soil retardant and will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery. All we can say is that manufacturers recommend it and our previous customers are happy with the results.
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Does Carpetguard, leave a strong odour?
No. The product we use is water based, and has little to no odour. To achieve the best results, we apply it directly to carpets after steam cleaning.
How does it work exactly?
Carpetguard, is a fluoro resin,  akin to Teflon,  developed as part of the space program. It coats the surface of the fibre, making it more resistant to soils.
What does Carpetguard, protect against?
Carpetguard, protects against coffee, soft drink and food spills, as well as the wear and tear of daily life. Despite this, it should be noted that Carpetguard, does not protect against pet urine, curry, and highly coloured drinks such as ‘IrnBru’ and ‘Lucozade’. Having said this, Carpetguard, does increase the likelihood of the stain being less noticeable.
How long does it take for Carpetguard, to become active?
Carpetguard, becomes active almost immediately. If applied immediately following steam cleaning, by the time the carpet dries the Carpetguard will be active.
It is important to note that Carpetguard, is a surface treatment, not an impregnating treatment. Some carpet manufacturers will dip carpet fibres, so they are immersed in a soil retardant. Carpetguard, sits on top of the fibres, so it does have to be re-applied periodically, usually once every three years.