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Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Blog

Here we go with our first Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Blog. I’m Paul King, from REVITA, and I have a passion for carpet and upholstery cleaning. So much so, that I decided to set a business up around it!

I have been looking in to all this Social Media malarky and have been informed that a carpet cleaning Newcastle blog is the way forward.

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Blog – Paul King

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Blog, Paul KingSo, I am Paul King and I own and run REVITA. REVITA has been offering superior carpet and Uphosltery Cleaning for the Last 47 years. 

I joined REVITA when I was just 17 years old. I’d love to say this was 10 years ago …. however it was 30!

Personally, I find that really hard to believe as I still feel 18 years old. But here I am, 30 years later, and still here.

We are the premier carpet cleaning company, which is why I am bringing to you this carpet cleaning Newcastle Blog.

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Blog – New Boy

To some of our customer’s I am still the New Boy on the block even after 30 years!

Over the years REVITA has always made sure we have given our customers the very best possible carpet cleaning in Newcastle service.  Our services to help customers with the maintenance of thier home carpets and upholstery is second to none. We truly provide an exceptional service.

At REVITA we take great pleasure in lifting stains and revitalising your carpets, especially where others have failed.

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle blog – Stone and Tile

More recently we have also introduced our maintenance and restoration of stone and tiled foors service.  This has gone down extremely well and we have had a remarkable response.  You’ll see from the video’s we upload on Facebook how effective this is.

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Blog – Superior Cleaning

One of the most imortant differences beteen ourselves and other compaines is that we only use our exculusive ECOSTEAM system. This system is far superior to our competitors. 

Not only does it give a deep down steam clean to your carpet or upholstery,  but it also has amazing rapid drying times.  This can be as little as 30 minutes, subject to conditions.

After 30 years in the business we have out lasted generations of machines. The new system is the absolute pinacle of whats is now available.  We are now able to remove stains which 10 years ago we thought completely impossible.

To do this, we are able to use first-rate machines coupled with a range of chemicals which are both ECO FRIENDLY and WOOL SAFE allowing us to be able to care for, and keep your wool carpet looking fantastic for longer. 

You certainly know when we are in your area.  You will see our exclusve silver vans outside and you’ll often see us surrounded in a cloud of steam.