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Carpet Cleaning Cornoavirus

Carpet Cleaning Coronavirus is something , unsuprisingly, we are currently been asked about. You can rest assured that we are taking your families health seriously.

Here’s a quick guide to how REVITA are helping clients prepare for Covid-19

As you can imagine we are getting a lot of questions about cleaning during the current climate with the Coronavirus Covid-19, including:

“Are you still open” and

“Can you clean and sanitise my carpets during the coronavirus crisis”

I have answered some of these questions below but first let me give you some simple facts about Covid-19 to help reassure you.

Carpet cleaning coronavirus, mask

Carpet Cleaning – Facts about Coronavirus COVID-19


Covid-19 is basic ‘enveloped’ virus. In other words, the virus is enclosed by a lipid membrane ( a fat like substance). This envelope is used by the virus to attach itself to the host cell which it then penetrates and replicates itself.

The envelope is quite fragile and susceptible to changes in

  • temperature
  • pH level and
  • disinfectants.

Like most enveloped viruses, outside of the human body they are very weak and easily destroyed with hot water and disinfectant. Hence all the advice to wash your hands with soap and hot water.  The difficulty to kill viruses comes when they are in the human body. 

The virus is a lot more difficult to kill off and we rely on our immune system to battle with it. It will not suprise you to hear that our advice is to never consume any form of disinfectant!

Examples of common Enveloped Viruses


  • Chicken Pox
  • Influenza A
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV and
  • Coronavirus

So preventive measures are better than no measures, look after yourself and your family.

Carpet Cleaning Cornoavirus, Wash your a

Agents Effective Against Enveloped Viruses.

You will find that common bleach is most effective against these viruses.

But you can’t go splashing that around everywhere. Especially not on carpets and soft furnishings!

The most well-known thing to use is alcohol, the type which is in some hand sanitisers, not the drinking kind.

It works very quickly but also evaporates quickly. However, how long it is effective for is limited.

Good old soap and hot water Is something we all have access to and works as well as anything else. But why does it work so well?

The soap attacks the lipid envelope (the fatty bit) and breaks it down which causes the virus to fall apart.

Without the fatty bit the virus becomes inactive so, it’s good to be clean.

How Long Can Viruses Be Active?


Viruses can be active outside of the body for hours or longer dependent on:-

  • the surface
  • disinfectants
  • liquids
  • wipes
  • gels and
  • creams containing alcohol

All the above are useful in helping prevent the spread but and this very important with a lot of misleading information.

NOTHING has been tested and proven to kill this current Covid-19 strain of the coronavirus.

The killer ingredient in soaps are QATs (quaternary ammonium compounds).

QATs take longer to work on the virus but the effect lasts longer and the great thing about QATs is they can be used on most surfaces, your skin, doors, work surfaces, white goods and more.

Its good to clean and at REVITA with Ecosteam+ we’re going the extra mile.

Here are the answers to some of the questions we are being asked during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Carpet Cleaning Coronavirus – Questions

“Are you still open?”

Yes, we are open and will stay open unless we are told otherwise.

“Can you still clean my carpets?”

At the present time we are still offering all our services to our customers while following government guidlines.

“Is it worth having my carpets cleaned during this crisis?”

Cleaning any of your soft furnishings will certainly be beneficial to you at any time. Furthermore, particularly during the current climate.

And something is better than nothing, as an added benefit after each clean we are applying a sanitiser to the items cleaned at no additional cost.

In conclusion your items will have been cleaned and sanitised – just like the hospitals are doing.

“What Are you doing about the social distancing guidelines?”

All our team members are adhering to these guidelines.

  1. We will keep 2 metres away from you
  2. No handshake greetings
  3. Card payments will no longer be taken onsite, payments to be made by bank transfer where possible
  4. We request that you stay out of the rooms where cleaning is being carried out.

“Have your staff been tested for the virus?”

As most of us are aware, testing for the virus is currently not available to the general public.

None of our team are showing any of the symptoms of the virus and we are monitoring them daily.

Handwash is being used before and after each quote or job.

Gloves are used and disposed of during every job and all equipment is being sanitised at the end of each day.

“Will cleaning kill the Covid-19 virus?”

Eco steam+ incorporate the use of Envirosafe Virus & Bacteria Cleaner & Sanitiser. This has been tested and is certified to kill Covid-19

“Have you increased your prices like a lot of shops have?”

No, we have heard of many stores doing this with some items on the shelf.

We are not taking advantage of this situation by increasing prices.

In fact we are applying our sanitiser at no additional cost.

I hope this helps to answer some concerns you may have, if you do have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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