At Revita we believe that cleaning shouldn't cost the earth. By using our eco-friendly cleaning products we not only reduce the cost to the environment, but also reduce the amounts of chemicals being released into your home or office. The main cleaning agent in our system is high-pressure water, so it is as safe as it is possible to be for your family and pets. With drying times from as little as 2 hours you can now have the best of both worlds – a quick-drying clean without the solvents.

Since the introduction of our Ecosteam van-based system in 2010 we have been able to reduce our use of solvent and non-renewable chemicals by over 99%. We will only use a solvent with your permission in your home and only after exhausting all other avenues. This mean that the recovered water from our cleaning process is no more polluted than your own washing water and can be recycled as grey water – it's ideal for watering the garden. We can offer dry cleaning if required but only at off-site locations where the solvent can be fully recovered, recycled and reused.

Our cleaning systems are ideal for allergy sufferers. The products that Revita uses have been chosen from suppliers for their non-toxic and biodegradable attributes so that you can breathe easy. Most importantly, all our work is finished by rinsing with steam that removes bacteria, viruses and dust mites, leaving your carpet fresh with the spring put back in.