Revita Cleaning Systems has been at the forefront of cleaning innovation since we began cleaning carpets in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1971. Now, with the launch of Ecosteam we are able to able to give a cleaning services that is better than anything before, utilizing all natural ingredients that are actually classified as foodstuff by the food standards agency. We can give a clean that is hypo allergenic, fresh, revitalizing and safe for everyone.

Following 5 years of development with our suppliers, Eco steam is now standard on all our vans. With fast drying times and with no petrochemical derived dry solvents, it is safe around everybody, and removes most allergens from the carpet and upholstery.

It really is the best system we have ever had to offer our customers

The steam itself lifts the carpet pile revitalizing it and making even dull tired carpet look years younger. Treatment using Ecosteam often means carpets can be retained rather than replaced – providing a welcome cost saving.